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Multi-tasking in front of the TV, I read a book on corporate strategy while watching an Inside the Actor's Studio Interview with Chris Rock.  Chris Rock's business advice was far more useful.  As_episode_chris_rock

It shouldn't surprise us that comedians have serious advice.  Comedy might easily be the toughest creative profession.  Few businesses require the same levels of idea generation, product delivery, stamina and nerve.

Comedic success can be painfully short-lived.  Chris Rock emphasizes that, with the exception of a dozen luminaries in Hollywood (Spielberg, Geffen, et al.), everyone is auditioning.   

He believes that if you accept the fact that you're always auditioning, you see the world differently.  You keep your skills honed.  You constantly evaluate and differentiate your personal brand.  You see each human interaction as a chance to connect with others.  You understand your unique talents and look for different ways to demonstrate your value, so you don't get typecast.

As a comedian, you create original material by drawing upon your own experiences.  And you constantly test your material in the outside world to make sure your product is authentic.

Sounds like relevant business strategy and career strategy for the rest of us.


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