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Skip the Sales Pitch, and Tell a Story

I purchased Scott McCloud's Making Comics for my 10-year old, a budding cartoonist, and was immediately hooked.  McCloud may be the first to write a graphic novel about graphic novels, from setting to character to storyline.  Comics aren't just kid's stuff, of course -- Making Comics is more about becoming a compelling storyteller than inking in a frame.  It also provides a terrific paradigm for marketers to go beyond PowerPoint and use visuals where words won't do -- to explain complex concepts and processes, or to relate to and engage different audiences.   Way back when I was in college admissions, I created a "comic strip" poster to recruit student volunteers.  The poster stood out from the magic marker and spray painted signs (this was pre-PowerPoint) and I'm not sure if it was the only factor in recruiting 150+ volunteers.  But it told a story.  Making_comics_2

Recently, I've been using the comic strip idea to illustrate supply chain processes and technical concepts in my PowerPoint presentations and handouts.  It looks fresh, it's easy to explain, and it provides more value than a sexy logo ever could. 

After all, who has time to read a thousand words these days?  Try a picture instead.