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Small Company Marketing = Self-Reliance

Running Marketing for a large company couldn't be more different than marketing at a start-up (a.k.a a small company with big ambitions).  I've done both, but I must admit that start-up marketing is more energizing and rewarding. 

Why?  Is it the long hours, frantic page, lack of funds and fast-disappearing runway? 

Mktg bag2 

I'd like to think that it's the feel for the road.  Marketing for a start-up forces you to act less like a general contractor and more like a can-do tradesperson.  By doing almost every job in marketing, you may not get to flex your muscles, but you get to build them.  

As a result, you've got more marketing tools in your bag, so you can choose whether to delegate well or Do-It-Yourself as the need arises.  With the average CMO tenure at less than 18 months, self-reliance is more valuable than ever.  More valuable than a windowed office with a scenic view. The only thing I miss is a huge whiteboard...