How Product Managers Can Take the Bias out of Brainstorming
Starting New Projects by Thinking Like an Artist

Marketing Inspiration from the Art World

Art has the power to inspire us.  The real creative inspiration, however, may come from artists themselves.   They need to think differently every day - so they know how to get through creative logjams.

Great Resources for all of us, Artist (or Not):


Twyla Tharp's The Creative Habit, is one of the best tomes on the creative process.  Her creative challenge as a choreographer is multi-dimensional, since she needs to bring together movement, music and the visual arts.  I keep her "exercises" close by as a constant reference, and her autobiographical notes add a human touch to her hard-driving persona.

Wolf Kahn's America is popping with color -- but it's not just eye candy.  Kahn is matter-of-fact when talking about his work and the creative process. He doesn't get swept up into flowery artist statments.    He's just doing his job. 

Alison Stanfield provides business backbone for the artistic spirit.  Art schools offer little support on "how to build a business".  Her ArtBiz Blog offers daily encouragement, expert advice for navigating a world of subjective opinions (and constant rejection) and a community of others.

Artists need to think like businesspeople to support themselves.   We need to think like artists to stretch ourselves.