Starting New Projects by Thinking Like an Artist
Why We Break Up With Brands

Cashing in My Chips... for creative writing


I'm bold when I'm painting on canvas, less so when I'm painting my walls.   As a result,  I've hoarded paint chips over the years, along with all the quirky color names. In the hope of creating a cool collage, I cut a bunch of them up with deckle-edged scissors.  The collage was a bust.  But the remaining names looked interesting.  so I put them in a little box on my desk -- for "Paint Chip Poetry".

If I'm stuck on a writing project (creative writing, business writing, correspondence -- it really doesn't matter).  I pull out a few chips at random and rearrange them to make a silly story , e.g. The sailor with a Grey Beard and a voice like Cracked Slate secretly collecting Water Irises as a hobby. Not even close to poetry, but a great way to get my mind un-blocked so I can move to the next task. 

Whatever it takes to keep the thoughts flowing....