Why We Break Up With Brands

Working with Retail and CPG clients on Customer Experience projects, it can be easy to lose one's perspective.   Brands are under intense pressure to build loyalty and enhance mobile apps.  But as consumers, we have limited time, money, attention and phone memory!  

I summarized some of my thoughts with colored pencils and marker.  It's an unusual prop to use in place of a Power Point presentation.  But it'll be fun way to get the point across at my next meeting.

Why Loyalty App Got Deleted

Seizing opportunities in the "off season"

In summer, it's hard to find a place to put your beach towel.   In late Fall, it's all up for grabs.  Crowded market spaces are no different from crowded beaches -- there's more scrutiny, less room for error, and every surfer is trying to catch a wave.   There's no lack of waves on an uncrowded beach.  And few spectators.  But you can time your entrance, make mistakes, and learn and adapt before anyone notices...

Off season is analagous to difficult economic times.  Now is the time to start businesses, double down and reinvest -- while most have their heads in the sand.

Infographics - the merger of marketing and creative?

I've always loved drawing on whiteboards and bringing complex concepts together as a simple graphic.   But it seems to be more important than ever in our information-saturated world.   Sometimes a picture can cut through the clutter faster than words can.   And no-one has time to read a thousand words -- especially on the screen of a smartphone...

Marketing Metrics - are we missing the fundamentals?

At a recent gathering of marketing execs, I informally polled the group on how they were measuring Online Marketing effectiveness.   It seems that metrics are not keeping pace with our new reality.

Online Marketing ROI 
The majority are using web analytics tools, like Google Analytics and Omniture, to track page views and navigation paths.  About a quarter are working with a social media agency, or using a social media platform (like HubSpot) for tracking.  But hardly anyone is using CRM to track lead-to-sale metrics (like Google AdWords for Salesforce).  And some are using no tracking at all. 

It's true that many of us need to use a hodgepodge of tools to keep on top of our programs (I use Google Analytics, LeadLander and Salesforce, along wtih Google AdWords for Salesforce), and it's no fun to spend more time number crunching results than generating leads in the first place.  But if Marketing remains a nebulous science, we're not doing ourselves any favors by avoiding metrics altogether.