Seizing opportunities in the "off season"

In summer, it's hard to find a place to put your beach towel.   In late Fall, it's all up for grabs.  Crowded market spaces are no different from crowded beaches -- there's more scrutiny, less room for error, and every surfer is trying to catch a wave.   There's no lack of waves on an uncrowded beach.  And few spectators.  But you can time your entrance, make mistakes, and learn and adapt before anyone notices...

Off season is analagous to difficult economic times.  Now is the time to start businesses, double down and reinvest -- while most have their heads in the sand.

Small Company Marketing = Self-Reliance

Running Marketing for a large company couldn't be more different than marketing at a start-up (a.k.a a small company with big ambitions).  I've done both, but I must admit that start-up marketing is more energizing and rewarding. 

Why?  Is it the long hours, frantic page, lack of funds and fast-disappearing runway? 

Mktg bag2 

I'd like to think that it's the feel for the road.  Marketing for a start-up forces you to act less like a general contractor and more like a can-do tradesperson.  By doing almost every job in marketing, you may not get to flex your muscles, but you get to build them.  

As a result, you've got more marketing tools in your bag, so you can choose whether to delegate well or Do-It-Yourself as the need arises.  With the average CMO tenure at less than 18 months, self-reliance is more valuable than ever.  More valuable than a windowed office with a scenic view. The only thing I miss is a huge whiteboard...